Bioplastic Bags

Bio-compostable bags break down into humus

Our bio plastic bag – the environmentally friendly alternative to typical plastic bags. These bags are produced from starch and cellulose, both renewable materials. All bio plastic bags in our assortment are compostable according to EN 13432 and guaranteed GMO-free. Some are even suitable for home composting according to OK Compost Home. The bioplastic bags are strong, compostable and can also be customized with a print.


We can customize color and print as you need

Our bioplastic bags range includes checkout bags and bin liners and provides an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic bags. They can easily stand in for grocery bags, garbage bags, kitchen bags, shopping bags, retail bags and any other type of plastic bag.

Our specification:

  • Compostable T-shirt /Oval Shopping bags
  • Size: Vary
  • MOQ: 25,000 pcs. 300kgs for printing bags or 200kgs for non-printing bags
  • Material: PLA (100% Biodegradable & compostable)
  • Certificate: EN13432 ( Europe Standard ), ASTM D6400, (EU) No.10/2011
  • Samples: Free ( Postage paid by buyer )
  • Biodegradability: Can degraded into H2O and CO2 by micro organisms in landfill or water,
  • remaining zero harmful substance in soil and water, totally non-toxic
bioplastic bag

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