When people think about paper bags, they typically picture a simple example without any handles at all – the archetypal lunch bag. However, paper bags come with a variety of handle types to suit their purpose. This is so that you can choose the perfect one.

ribbon handle gift bag


Ribbon is remarkably soft, making bags feel luxurious while you’re carrying them. This is complemented by their chic and elegant appearance. Ribbon comes in a variety of colours. These ribbon handles are versatile in their looks and can be made to suit your exact design style. This makes them perfect for gift bags. However, they might be a tad too dainty for larger bags and heavier contents. They’re usually just ordered for use with smaller, lighter items when the look and feel is more important than practicality.


Cotton fibres are bound together like rope, creating a handle type which provides the same soft, up-scale feel and appearance of ribbon but with far greater strength. Additionally, cotton handles are typically quite thick. Because of this, they won’t be as likely to dig into people’s hands when they’re used to carry heavier loads. For this reason,they are typically used with large laminate bags.

Twisted Paper

Twisted paper is more economical than both ribbon and cotton since it is machine made, yet it is still relatively strong. Available as standard in either white or brown – but with multiple other colour options available for larger orders – these handles aren’t as luxurious as cotton or ribbon, but they do possess their own natural charm. They are also quick to make – we’re able to deliver an order in just 1 week – and easily recyclable. All of the components are made of paper.

Folded Paper

For the most natural and minimalistic handle choice, choose folded paper. Simply constructed from a length of standard paper folded at the ends and then attached to the bag, these perfectly complement more natural, home spun products, although they may not prove strong enough for carrying larger weights. Like twisted paper handles, they can be easily recycled along with the bag itself.

Handles are such small parts of a paper bag, but they make a big difference. Make sure you take the time to pick the right type.

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